Monday, November 2, 2009

My first blog. I have started this as a rather impromtu expedition, however with great optimism that writing my thoughts will unwrap many more thoughts hiding and hibernating deep in my mind. I think of an age in the present where we are in constant conflict with infrastructure and concepts of sustainability and an age a little ahead of our times which most of us can only fantasise a telescopic gaze. Another associative interest would be the sense of all that we discuss in its 'Indianess', which is by far, a way of life than a society and a context more than place.

Just a snippet to introducing myself, I am a little over a year out of graduation and I am currently working in Bangalore as an architect. I must say that the time elapsed since has been the one of many, many questions of multi layered intensities bombarding with self derived debates which is one reason why I have opened this blog, to open my debate to a larger arena.

It will take me a while to figure the right argument with which I want to inaugrate. Will find one very soon to keep it flowing.

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