Monday, January 11, 2010

Neyyoor, Vacation Town

So, It's been a while. Happy new Year! 11 days too old.
Havent been around for close to a month. Home for Christmas.

18 Dec 09, I headed straight to Chennai from Bangalore. Was there for a few days before preparing for a long journey ahead. The day is 22 Dec. I was heading towards the Cape Comorin to a village called Neyyoor, about 20km from town limits. Its a linear village extending about 5 Reasons that take me to one such far away place is the emotional attachment that my father has to towards his birthplace with a constant reminder to both his children that we should never, ever abandon this place long after they are gone. I guess this is a narrative to every vacation parent to their vacation children.

Neyoor, is a village developed by English missionaries and thus goes without saying that life in Neyoor revolves around the church. They came like a saviour at the time when local backward caste people here were tortured by high cast people over rights and laws. A village with close to 5000 people mostly composed of a the retiring community in majority propostion almost doubles its strength in summer vacations and more so for Christmas. The crowds are from returning baby boomers and their families meeting parents and in laws or attending a relative's wedding.

More interesting things to come... but I am too sleepy to keep my eyes and brains up.

This could give you some insight before I continue this to my next post.

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